The School Day

Beginning of the Day

8.40am: School gates open - a member of staff is on duty. Parents/carers are able to drop off or escort their children into the playground. Please note that children cannot be dropped off before this time.

8.50am: Whistle is blown - children line-up in their teams (supported by their team captains). Parents/carers leave at this time.

9.00am: Lessons start - prior to this children complete morning tasks based upon learning from the previous day.

Example Key Stage 1 Timetable

Example Key Stage 2 Timetable

End of the Day

3.00pm: School finishes for Inkpen and Donaldson classes. Parents/carers collect from the playground.

3.05pm: School finishes for Dahl, Ahlberg and Rowling classes. Parents/carers collect from the playground.

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