Reception Class Admissions - September 2024

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 the closing date to apply is 15th January 2024. Applications can be completed online...

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School Admissions Policies

Which school will my child go to?

Every parent has the right to choose the school for their child regardless of catchment areas or location.

Each school has a geographical area known as its Catchment Area. Brampton Abbotts Catchment Area lies within the following boundaries: How Caple crossroads to the north, Greytree to the south, Rudhall Farm to the east and the River Wye to the west. This means that the school actually lies outside its own catchment area.

Parents who live outside the catchment area can still state a preference for Brampton Abbotts C of E Primary School. In fact, most of our children live within walking distance of the school and outside the catchment area.

Parents considering sending their children to our school are encouraged to visit with their children during the school day to see the school within a working context. An appointment with the Head teacher can be made to organise this.

When will my child start school?

Children do not legally have to start school until the term after their 5th birthday. However, most schools within the area operate an admission policy offering all children to commence school in the autumn term within the academic year in which their 5th birthday falls. This is known as the Reception year within the framework of the Foundation stage of education. At our school we encourage all Reception children to stagger the first 3 weeks of their first term with mornings, afternoons, mornings and lunchtimes and eventual full-time entry by the 4th week. This arrangement is flexible, and alternatives can be made in prior discussion with the head teacher or class teacher.

Taster Day

All children are offered a Taster Day in the summer term preceding their entry, when parents will have the opportunity to meet members of staff and learn a little about school procedures, reading, school activities and how they can be involved in school.

How do we apply for a place?

Parents/carers should read all of the information published on the Herefordshire Council website before making their application. Parents/carers should then complete their applications via the online process at If a parent is not able to apply online they can request a paper copy of the application form by telephoning 01432 260926 / 261574. The Local Authority will then allocate places. The school and parents are notified of places in midApril of the academic year before the autumn term the children are due to start school. Our school is fully inclusive and welcomes children of all abilities, regardless of race or religion.

Brampton Abbotts Primary School is a Voluntary Aided School. This means that the Governing Body is responsible for the admission of pupils to the school.

The overall capacity of the school has been determined to be 140 places, which means that up to 20 children can be admitted into the reception class each year. This figure of 20 is known as the Published Admissions Number (PAN) and is formally published by Herefordshire Local Authority in their Information for Parents’ booklet.

In-Year Transfers

Brampton Abbotts is in charge of its own admissions in-year. Please apply directly to the school, via the school office, to enquire whether spaces are available.