Autumn 2020: We are currently only providing packed lunches and only to classes 1 and 2 and those children in KS2 on free school meals.

The packed lunch is provided by Alliance In Partnership as before and consists of a roll or sandwich with either cheese, ham or tuna filling, cucumber or carrot sticks (or similar) and homemade biscuit, cake or flapjack (or similar) and a piece of fruit.

Parents that receive these meals have already given there sandwich filling choice to school.

All other pupils need to provide a pack lunch from home.

There are no menus to been seen on ParentPay and parents cannot choose their dinners via ParentPay currently.

We are working with the kitchen and as soon as we are able to provide a hot meal or meals to the whole school and have ParentPay ordering set up we will let parents know.

Please call or email the office if you have any questions about school lunches.

Healthy Snack

Everyday at morning break each pupil has the opportunity to buy a fresh food item from our healthy snack shop. A food item cost 20p and typically is something like a hot piece of wholemeal toast, a toasted crumpet or toasted muffin, tomatoes, an apple or a satsuma. The children get to spend their 20p and make a choice of their snack to enjoy during morning break.

5 a day

Class 1 and 2 pupils are entitled to free fruit at every snacktime, provided under the NHS '5 A DAY' scheme.

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