Links for Learning

Listed below are some useful links that will help support your child's learning at home and offer advice on matters such as e-safety.

ICT Games

ICT Games is a wonderful resource of English and Maths games suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2. It is the home of the much beloved DJ Cow.

Website Link:

Mr Thorne Does Phonics

A good resource for teaching phonics and spelling. There are videos to watch and games to play.

Website Link:

Phonics Play

Visit PhonicsPlay for loads of games and resources to help support at home.

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Password: bramp3305

Website Link:

Phonics - Alphablocks

Alphablocks is a BBC children's programme that helps children develop the ability to 'blend' (i.e. read words using their component sounds to build up the word) and 'segment' (i.e. break words into their component sounds to help them spell and write) in a fun and engaging way. Click the picture to be taken to the BBC site that has a variety of clips and resources to use.

Website Link:

Education City

Click to access the Education City website.

Website Link:

E-Safety - Digiduck's Story

Click to read digiduck's story to help you keep safe on your computers, tablets and phones.

Website Link:

E-Safety - Childnet

Childnet is a great website to introduce children to all e-safety issues such as using social networks, chatrooms and mobile phones. We have looked at it in assembly. Click the picture to get to the site.

Website Link:

Road Safety - The Value of Wearing Helmets

Click to read an article on why wearing helmets when cycling is so important.

Recommended iPad Apps

Please view and download the document below for a working list of Apps we use in school to enrich and enhance our pupils learning using iPads in the classroom:

Website Link:

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