Mission Statement

"Brampton Abbotts' Christian ethos
nurtures every child to reach
their individual potential."

Vision Statement

"Brampton Abbotts will be an exceptional school
where happiness is created by achievement
and achievement is created by happiness"

The staff at the school believe that the children of Brampton Abbotts Primary School will display high standards of behaviour at all times and treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves. For this aim to be realised, sets of rules are provided to create a harmonious structure to their behaviour in the classroom, the playground and out of school during trips and sporting events.

We also clearly set out an Anti-bullying Policy, Equality Statement and an Equality & Diversity Policy within our behaviour guidelines. All teaching staff, classroom assistants and lunchtime supervisors are aware of the contents of this policy and have been consulted in its making, so that consistent levels of behaviour are encouraged. The key to good discipline is positive relationships.

"I know that this is a church school from all of the positive values that the pupils and adults display. I feel honoured to be at this school - everybody is lovely, hard working and are very welcoming"
Miss Walby (student teacher)

"This is a beautiful school to be part of and work in. Everybody respects each other which shows this is a school with a strong Christian ethos. I enjoy coming to the school very much"
Miss Field (member of staff)

"I loved the friendly children and how everyone was happy to learn. People weren't messing around, they just got on with their work and lessons. I loved all the displays and every class took their religious education seriously. I liked that Carys and Kyle (School RE Monitors) worked with the staff and therefore know what the displays and values meant and could talk about them. I love this school!"
Rt. Rev'd Richard Frith (Former Bishop of Hereford)

"Brampton Abbots is the friendliest school that I visit, I always feel part of the team"
Stuart (councillor)

"This is an excellent school to work in, everybody is kind and respectful. The school has some fantastic Christian values and it is an absolute delight to be part of"
Mr Hardman (member of staff)

School Values

We are a values based school. This means that we seek to promote an education philosophy based on valuing oneself, others and the environment. The values reflect the Christian ethos of our school and are also explored within the multi-faith community.

We have four core school values:

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Happiness

We asked our children, parents, staff and Governors to choose the values that best describe how our school works and what we promote. These four values are now our school house names to ensure that remain at the centre of everything we do.

The Core Values are promoted everyday within school. We continuously review how each class is showing these values and all members of the school are encouraged to model the values in everything they do. We believe this helps to create good citizens. A rounded programme of assemblies and events promote children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, enabling them to develop their own moral and ethical compass to guide what is right and what is wrong.

As well as these core values we teach other Christian values (one each month) which we feel helps to guide behaviour and promote self-worth. These are explored within our daily worship as well as within our classes.

The values are clearly displayed in school and are underpinned by school assemblies, collective worship, school work, discussions in school and rewards and praise for the children. All children are aware of the current school value and are encouraged to discuss their behaviour and feelings in relation to it. For the current school value, visit our home page.

RE Monitors

Our RE monitors help to promote the school values and are keen to develop our Christian Ethos.

"I wanted to be a R.E. monitor because it is a fun experience. I wanted to make the school a better place." "I wanted to be an R.E. monitor because I wanted to have a responsibility in this friendly school."

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